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RCM Certifications ➠ | ICD 10 AM Certifications ➠

Medical coding is the conversion of diagnosis and procedures performed by Physician into universal standard alphanumeric codes.

RCM is Revenue Cycle Management which involves the co-ordination of multiple departments in processing a claim to get reimbursement for a physician. RCM Certification prepares you to become a specialist in understanding the role and skills of this whole process starting from creating a patient appointment to final collections.

Membership -

By becoming our student member

$128 USD for 1.5 years (18 months) - Renewable

Yes, once in every 18 months

  • Networking
  • Market updates being shared on timely basis
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RCM Certifications –

Certified Healthcare Revenue Cycle Professional where it comprehensively educates the readers about the overall revenue cycle department and its functions.

Introduction to RCM cycle Module 1-Coding concepts Module 2- Insurance concepts Module 3- Billing regulations of the country Module 4- Claim Submissions, Denials, Resubmissions, Reconciliations

  • One will be educated about the general revenue cycle flow in healthcare industry.
  • Helps to establish a career path in Revenue cycle industry.

3 months

Fee - $495, for discounts please contact (What ‘s app) - 0553879108

Yes, for a batch of minimum 10 enrollments

Eligibility or Requirements-

Yes, any degree of any nation is eligible

Yes, course is modulated with simple terms so that readers from other sectors will not find it complex.

  • Yes, a person who is currently working in RCM industry can enroll for CHRP since it educates comprehensively about all the departments in Revenue cycle management.
  • Generally, an employee working in a particular department will only have sufficient knowledge in his/ her department only whereas this course provides an overall understanding.
Eg. A billing professional will not be aware of the coding concepts

Yes, obviously healthcare is a booming industry in Middle East. After successful completion of CHRP one can establish a career in any of the departments in RCM industry.



Yes, age is not a Criteria if there is interest.

Yes, a billing professional will get to know more about other departments in RCM cycle, better understanding of his colleagues and their responsibilities.

Coding Professionals in RCM-


Coding certifications (ICD 10 CM) educates comprehensively about the general coding techniques which is only one of the departments in RCM cycle, whereas CHRP educates the coder about the overall RCM cycle which is not part of any coding certification.

Training mode / Trainer Assistance-

Course is available as e-learning platform. The readers can do self-learning with assistance from online trainer support once a week (2 hours) if I have queries to clarify.

It’s a partial assistance where trainers will help them to clarify the queries and any other hurdles faced during self-learning.

It’s a group online training where a batch has maximum 5 members only.

2 hours/per week

Yes, scheduled according to the flexible timing of the student.


Features of RCM Certifications -

Yes, approved by the local body – KHDA of Dubai.

Not required

Yes, CHRP is perfectly crafted to meet the global standards of RCM industry where general concepts of RCM from all over the world is highlighted. It serves as a manual even for the countries who don’t have their own recognized insurance model.


Online examination.

1 Free retake.

Paper contains 100 questions requiring minimum score of 70%

3 hours

Yes, we provide knowledge checks and practice questions at the end of every module along with one free mock exam which is inclusive of the fees. If the candidate wants to practice further, they can take up additional paid mock exams.

Job Opportunities -

Any health or healthcare sector-

  • Hospitals
  • Medical Centres
  • Insurance Companies
  • TPA
  • RCM Consultancies
  • RCM Back office units
  • Training schools that offer RCM certifications
  • Software back office involved in creating software for RCM
  • And many more...

CHRP walks through the readers about the general standards of RCM cycle internationally. CHRP will be a forerunner for a country who wish to establish a standardized insurance platform. Soon countries will start implementing RCM which will be a boon for a student having mastered all the concepts of global RCM.


Yes, we respect your expertise.
If a person has more than 2 years of experience in any department of RCM industry, he can opt for next level of certification CHRS/CHRE but with evaluation of CV and background check. Every course has it’ s own requirements to enhance learning.


Eligibility for CHRS/ CHRE-

Yes, a person who has at least 2 experience in RCM industry can take CHRS and with 5 years’ experience can apply for CHRE.
Any Master’s degree approved by the respective country or must have completed CHRP or have minimum 2 years’ experience in RCM healthcare in UAE or any country. With qualifying an aptitude test.

a. Modules 1- 4 of CHRP
b. udit Methodologies / Medical Records / Compliance/ Risk Assessment
c. Jawda indicators & Audit Tools

Yes, a person who has 5 years’ experience can apply for CHRE
Any Master’s degree / CHRP course + 3 years of RCM experience or one who Completed CHRS Course + 2 years of experience or minimum 5 years of RCM experience

i. Modules 1- 6 of CHRS
ii. Stabilization & Sustaining Revenue in the Organization – Methods/ Obstacles with Case studies.
iii. Leadership in RCM /Attributes (Soft Skills) of an efficient Manager

ICD 10 AM – Certifications:

Membership -

ICD-10-AM (International Classification of Diseases 10th revision) is the Australian coding classification system published in Australia since 1998 (also used in New Zealand) to follow a standardized coding throughout the country.
This classification of coding is widely practiced by countries like Australia, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Singapore, Qatar, Bahrain and few islands.
For Professionals looking for a challenging career in healthcare sector in any of these countries, ICD-10 AM coding is the right course at an affordable cost.

CM is clinical modification which is used and maintained by USA and is prevalent in countries like UAE, and in countries which work on outsourced projects from U.S - India, Philippines.
AM is Australian modification used and maintained by Australia and is prevalent in countries like Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Singapore, Qatar, Bahrain and few islands.
The main difference is the procedure coding system -

  • CM – uses CPT codes sets
  • AM – uses ACHI codes sets

ICD-10-AM has been adopted by Australia, New Zealand, the Republic of Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Singapore and several other islands.

6 Months

Clinical coding 1 (CC1) – Introductory level
Clinical coding 2 (CC2) – Intermediate level

Yes, the certificate is recognized worldwide.

Yes, it is currently affiliated with an Australian RTO

Eligibility Requirements

Yes, anyone can change the career as a clinical coder once he/she is certified.

Any Candidate interested to learn and work in Healthcare sector can enroll in AM coding. It will be easy because interest comes first, degree or Knowledge stands second.

Yes, the person who is CM certified can apply for AM certification. CM certified candidates can take a conversion course instead of Introductory (CC1) level and directly take CC2 intermediate level to work in any healthcare industry which follows AM coding.

No, in Knwbility we don’t have any pre-assessment prior to enrollment for freshers. If applying for conversion course, proof of previous certification is necessary.

No, CEUs are not applicable.

Yes, a billing professional can do it much better way than any fresher as he/she is already exposed to the terms and pattern of the coding platform.

Yes, Certified coders can take this course and its very easy to understand as much of the Diagnosis (ICD) standards are similar to CM guidelines, it’s only the Procedure coding that is totally different.

Yes, the candidate who completes the certification for Australian modification (AM) can migrate to GCC countries like KSA, Qatar or he/she can move to Australia/New Zealand with new hope and life.

No age criteria, provided candidates have interest


Yes, education has no age imit.

Training mode/Trainer Assistance

It is Online training in LMS (learning management system) platform with online trainer’s support.

It is a partial online assistance where weekly once trainer will answer queries & smoothen your road of learning to help the candidate move ahead while being lost in certain concepts.

Group training for a batch of 5 candidates

You can access LMS (learning management system)24/7 during the learning period but session with the trainer will be 2 hours/per week

Yes, Online Training can be done at your comfort at home or anywhere at your convenient time.

Yes, we do have bilingual trainers – they both speak English and Arabic.

Yes, Study guides are part of the package.

Electronic books can be purchased from Turbo Coder, we help our students get a discount when purchased through us. Could be packaged if interested.


The final exam is conducted online.

Yes, the candidate can take the AM certificate exam once he/she is confident.

Yes, each chapter comes with unlimited practice questions and answers.


Fee Payments -

Yes, you can take monthly installments or partial payments in Knwbility. Please contact (What ‘s app) - 0553879108

This course prepares you for an Australian Government certificate once you complete Intermediate level (CC2) and a small course on Certificate IV.

Job Opportunities

Yes, the candidate who are freshers to the industry can find a job in coding sector after the successful completion of this course.

Our practice sessions in each module have unlimited access to gain proficiency. We have a huge question bank from which cases are chosen randomly for each trial.


One can apply in-

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Medical Centers
  • Medical Insurance Company
  • TPA (Third Party Administration for Insurance Companies)