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Physiotherapy - Clinical Documentation Improvement

Course Details

The  “Physiotherapy” course is a guide to understand the importance of clinical documentation specificity . It will help in understanding the common Documentation & Coding issues, insurance protocols and the case studies

Learning Objectives

By the end of  this module, you should be able to:

1.Assess the coding and diagnostic perspectives when identifying high quality clinical documentation in the following conditions:
•Sprains, Strains and dislocations
•Disruption of anterior cruciate ligaments
•Joint Pain
•Bicipital Synovitis and Tenosynovitis
•Shoulder dislocation
•Knee Meniscal Tear
•SLAP Lesion -Shoulder
•Disc Disorders
•Spinal stenosis

2.   Know Insurance Eligibility Criteria Coverage overview

3. Understand Cast ,Splint and strapping guidelines

4.   Know the insurance Payment & coding Rules

5.   Know PT Evaluation & Re-evaluation codes

6.   Understand Supervised  Modalities

8.   Define Therapeutic & Constant attendance Procedures

9.   Assess the Timed Minutes & Chart

10.  Know Modalities & Treatment time Range

11. Understand Timed reporting Scenarios

12. Know the ICD-10-CM Guidelines

13. Know Fracture Care and ER reporting guidelines

14.Clarifynig the reporting of splints and Cast applications by Non-Physicians

15. Assess the PT Case studies

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