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Patient Access-UAE

Course Details

The Patient access course is a guide to understand the Patient Centric Approach, Client relationship scenarios, Patient service Philosophy and Front Desk responsibilities in the patient Quality of care.    

Learning Objectives

By the end of  this module, you should be able to:

1.Develop a Patient Centric Approach
2.Understand the Common Patient access errors
3. Know the Verification Process of the patient Demographics and insurance
4.Assess the different types of insurance cards
5.Understand the Concepts of Deductible-co-pay and co-insurance
6.Know the Common insurance Denials codes with  examples
7.Learn and Apply the value Concepts within the Client Relationship Scenario
8.Understand The Patient Service Philosophy
9.Know how to create and adhere to patient service standards
10.Culture a Patient Service commitment of great value
11.Health insurance Plans for the visitors

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