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IR-DRG Classification -Diagnosis Related Group Impact on the Patient Quality of care

Course Details

The IR-DRG course is a guide to understand the Classification & Dimensions of diagnostic homogenous groups,Principles,Components, Assignment logic, Calculation of the DRG’s, how the DRG’s impact the patient Quality of care in standardizing medical data and accurately capturing the patient severity of illness ,Risk of mortality, Resource weight ,Average length of stays, optimal Maximal reimbursements for the Hospitals, know the severity drivers along with Case studies. Also understand how the Clinical documentation improvement will impact the DRG’s and the the case mix index (CMI) for the hospital.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this module, you should be able to:

  1. Know What are diagnostic Related Groups?
  2. Understand the Dimensions of IR- DRG Classification
  3. Understand the Basic Principals of Diagnosis Related group
  4. Know Generic Components of IR-DRG
  5. Understand the Calculation of DRG
  6. Understand the DRG Assignment Logic
  7. Understand the Conceptual Framework of IR-DRG classification
  8. Know the definition of Principal and secondary Diagnosis in the context of coding guidelines
  9. Understand the Patient Severity Levels for the Level of care provided in the context of Clinical Documentation 
  10. Know The Procedure Hierarchy
  11. Know Dubai IR-DRG – Parameters
  12. Understand the Case Mix Index (CMI) and How it is impacted by the Clinical Documentation improvement
  13. Understand the importance  of Clinical Documentation improvement  in capturing accurate Patient severity of illness, Risk of mortality and Length of stays
  14. Understand the Examples of IR-DRG and CDI Impact on Severity of illness, Risk of Mortality, Length of stay, Resource Weight and Reimbursements
  15. Assess the Case Studies

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