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ICD 10 AM - Orientation

Course Outline 

 “ICD 10 AM – Orientation” gives the learner an introduction to AM Coding, explains it’s the significance, listing the components and the manuals used for ICD 10 AM. This course will also show the differences between AM & CM Coding and in which countries AM coding is applicable. This course explains the AM certifications available and the authorization bodies in Australia. AM has different editions used in various countries and a crosswalk version is available to navigate between editions to identify codes for the same condition which is also mentioned in this Course. 


 •To introduce the readers to Australian Modification (AM) coding which is used to interpret various illness and procedures.

 •To have in depth knowledge about the need and basic Principles of AM coding.

 •To know the key concepts of AM coding manual and levels of certifications. 

•To gain insight about various editions in AM coding. 


 By the end of this chapter, you should be able to – Differentiate between AM and CM coding. Know the Australian certifications and governing body .Understand the components of AM coding. Identify the levels of AM coding.

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